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MMORPG MPOG Top 200 Paid and Free Multiplayer Online Games List

Immortal Night
Play the game of a life transformed by blood and venom. Where demons thrive and the things of nightmares creep around every corner.
482 113
2[Details] The Renaissance Kingdoms
Fully free. Milk your cow, overthrow the count and spend the night drunk in the gutter. A pleasant and quiet day in the Renaissance Kingdoms
451 156
3[Details] Omerta
Omerta is the biggest free mafia game on the web. Established 2003 it has 2 million registrations so far. Recommended!
335 45
4[Details] Prison Block
Online Prison Gang MMORPG. Customizable cells, flash minigames!
227 63
Supremacy 1914
Free online multi-player strategy game for up to 30 players. Both, military and diplomatic skills will be essential.
209 71
6[Details] Khan Wars
Medieval online strategy game
181 48
7[Details] The Wrestling Game
Online RPG fighting based, the ONLY ONE whit more then 500 moves. Thousand of players are waiting to challenge you in 4vs4, 2vs2
180 31
8[Details] Guerra Khan
Game of strategy medieval online
103 13
9[Details] Pitstopboss
Race against other managers in this free Formula one style racing car simulation game, combining instant fun and enjoyment for all
84 12
10[Details] Mafia Returns - The Game!
Will you negotiate and sweet talk your way to the top? Or will you seize power through force? The action is yours. The reaction is not.
81 20

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11[Details] NinjaManager - Naruto online rpg
NinjaManager is a free browser based MMORPG set in the shinobi world of the Naruto manga and anime series. A free naruto online rpg!
80 44
12[Details] Dark Future
Dark-Future (DF) is an online text based mafia game you can play all over the world. Join us now!
79 10
13[Details] Battle Dawn
The ultimate flash strategy MMO on the net! Compete against thousands on world domination. 27 units, spies, satellites, missiles...
66 13
14[Details] Eternal Duel
Eternal Duel is a free web-based MMORPG/PBBG where players fight for complete control over an ancient, medieval world.
53 15
Street Crime
Street Crime is a massive free online gangster mmorpg game. Join the streets now!
37 35
16[Details] BC Wars
Web game in the prehistoric world where you battle dinosaurs, build your cave, join a tribe, and play for free.
36 18
The Lost Realm
Game Reset 10/12 after 4 yrs. Compete 2B the best Enjoy many character paths, interactive Town Wars. Can you make a difference?
33 26
18[Details] Mafiosi RPG
Online Mafia RPG, be like a gangster and get powerfull and rich! (only dutch for now)
28 9
19[Details] World of dungeons MMORPG
Jeu de rôle médiéval fantastique sur navigateur / Heroic Fantasy role playing game / Browser Rollenspiel
28 18
Assassinators - Free Mafia Game
Free online text based mafia game! Where you can do organised crime, grand theft auto, gamble and much more. join now!
27 11
21[Details] MagicDuel Adventures
Adeventure MMORPG browser game. new gaming concepts!
27 20
22[Details] StreetMobster
Forget about text play – you can do all the actions as you see them on the streets. Cop, gangster or a businessman – it’s up to you
26 58
23[Details] Opus Deorum
Explore, learn magic, fight, train, make your name in town arenas, or protect your town from hordes of rampaging monsters!
24 10
24[Details] Midnite Challenge
The Ultimate Online Racing Experience!
20 6
25[Details] Visual Utopia
FREE strategy WAR game with 2D map. You start with a tiny army, build colonies, train troops and attack. Join a kingdom or create your own.
19 15

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26[Details] Vaperida
Become a Hunter, Vampire or Werewolf in the medieval city of Vaperida. Join a clan and bring war to your enemies, will you rise to the top!
18 9
27[Details] MeanStreets-Mafia
Brand new online text based game. If your bored of all the other mundane games out there then MeanStreets Mafia is the way forward.
18 5
28[Details] Medieval Era (Ere moyenne)
Build your home, grow crops, learn a trade. Help your town build its defenses against invasion. Join a realistic 14th century medieval RPG !
14 15
29[Details] Rocking Rackets - Tennis Manager
Fun, fast-paced and realistic tennis manager game. Be the manager of a number of tennis players.
13 11
30[Details] After Doomsday
This is an immersive, futuristic society simulator placing you in the boots of a disaster survivor!
11 11
31[Details] ILLRPG.COM - The Lands Of Illithia
FREE Browser Based Game. Angels vs Demons!
11 7
32[Details] Bulfleet
Bulfleet is online space strategy game, offering many gameplay options starting with buildings, ships, turrets, researches. Just try it
10 8
33[Details] Mafia Family
Get into the world of mafia.Kill,steal and improve your ranks by robing banks, dealing drugs and lots more! Join existing families !
10 9
Are you a Chav? Join now for FREE and find out. Fight, scam, grow weed and earn your respect!
10 9
35[Details] Orion's Belt
Online Space Strategy Browser Game
10 13
36[Details] Fianl Crusader
You are a soldier with a powerful ability to change the course of history. Earn your way up to the top of the fleet through tasks and honor.
10 14
37[Details] Booty Master
Browser RPG game! Take up the role of a thief and rob everyone! Great in-depth gameplay, 60+ crime-quests to solve, 400+ items to obtain.
10 9
Urban RPG
Urban is a land of strife, conflict and bloodshed. War and hate spread throughout the land rampantly. The fallen lay around you.
9 15
39[Details] StarBattle
StarBattle is a FREE Browser based strategy game with a space theme. Colonize planets, create your own fleet and conquer the universe !
9 19
40[Details] The Mobsters Life
The Mobster's Life is a free web based Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on the Real Mob Life called "La Cosa Nostra".
9 8
41[Details] Gangster Society
A free new mafia game. 100% free.
9 15
42[Details] Fall of Caesar
Text based RPG based on the Roman Empire
9 15
43[Details] The Mobster Game
A free, fully browser based MMORPG based on the real Mafia lifestyle. Fast & friendly support. Real cash prizes awarded every
8 7
44[Details] Space: Glory Through Conquest
Colonize, Build, Battle, Ally! Negotiate among the ten spacefaring races! Will your strategy prove superior?
8 8
45[Details] Eternal Wars - MMORPG
Big MMORPG Game. Gain over 1.000.000 levels, explore over 1.000.000 locations, defeat creatures and beasts for gold and items.
7 7
46[Details] Gangster Game
Gangster Game is a new text-based mafia game set in modern times. Start out small-time in one of seven cities around the world...
6 3
47[Details] ~Gang City~
A text-based game based on the life of a gangster! It's a nice, Dutch game and it's free!
6 8
48[Details] Samurai & Ninja MMORPG
Do you want to be a samurai or ninja in feudal japan?
6 9
49[Details] SGUni
Become a leader of the space empire! Build strong fleet, conquer new planets and destroy enemy!
6 5
50[Details] Aegis
Aegis is a strategy text-based MMORPG
5 8

51[Details] Suit2Kill Ruthless RPG
Climb to the top of this ruthless city by using cutthroat tactics and lots of bloodshed.
5 11
52[Details] BattleRO
Battle Ragnarok Online
5 7
53[Details] Taxi Mogul
Can you make it as a taxi mogul? Build the largest taxi company in New York. Drive your cabs on real maps, in real time.
5 6
54[Details] Frontline Massacre
The most epic WWII MMORPG ever!
5 12
55[Details] Legend of Heroes
This is a web-game that navigates on multiplayer platform integrating both RPG and RTS contexts.
5 4
56[Details] The Hapes Consortium
The Hapes Consortium, a faction in the SWCombine
4 2
FREE RPG! Join ShadowOps the Online strategy game thats easy 2learn but a challenge to master. Meet interesting people then destroy them!!!
4 10
58[Details] WarGames 2.0
An online multiplayer strategic war simulator where you wage war against real players on the internet! It is completely free and
4 6
59[Details] Lost City
A city on an island engulfed in flames. Civilization is in ruin, you must fight to survive.
4 7
60[Details] Tennis Manager
Online Tennis Game. Create the best tennis player and train him to become first on a tennis game
4 6

MMORPG / MPOG Top 200 Paid and Free Multiplayer Online Games List
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61[Details] MMA Havoc
Work your way up the MMA ladder before your fighter gets to old and has to retire.
4 1
62[Details] First Mafia War
First Mafia War is a text-based MMORPG centered around real events that took place in the early 1960's.
4 8
63[Details] Republic Online
You are a citizen of a country and work together with other players to advance your country. Unique Genre.
3 6
64[Details] Crimson Moon Vampire | Werewolf Game
Free Online Vampire & Werewolf game playable on 3 servers each offering a unique playing experience. Tournaments, PvP, No Downloads
3 2
65[Details] Lords: Conquest
Do you have what it takes to be a ruler? Become a medieval lord and join the struggle for power, gold and glory.
3 5
66[Details] Street-Racerz
Street Racing game where you must work your way up the ranks to get to be the top of the Black List to the best there is.
3 7
67[Details] Mafia Corruption
Sign up today to become a mobster working your way through the ranks to become the greatest gangster in the Mafioso world. You
3 4
68[Details] Crime Lord
You have chosen a life of crime, but what will you do with it? Take on the world and become a legend or slowly just fade away!
3 4
69[Details] - Ancient China game
Dynasty Kingdoms is a free text based game themed around ancient China. It's simple, fun, free and addictive. Which kingdom will you follow?
3 2
70[Details] IPU Grand Chase Season 2!
1st and only english Grand Chase season 2 private server. Rates:exp x50 GP x100.All 9 characters, 4th job for 7 characters! large p
3 4
71[Details] Knights-Honor
Strategic medieval RolePlayGame. Be a knight and conquer the europe of the dark ages. Battles and turneys wait for you to join in the fight.
3 4
72[Details] HooliganWars
Online web browser free game , become a hooligan and rule the world
2 8
73[Details] Vast Empire - Star Wars Role Playing
The Vast Empire is a FREE Star Wars role playing club. We take role playing to the next level!
2 1
74[Details] Sea Odyssey Pirates
Build a fleet of ships and forts on your own private islands! Fight to become the supreme Pirate! The Best FREE browser Pirate Game!
2 2
75[Details] The Mafia Warz - You hit me - We hit you
This is a free web based Multiplayer Game where you compete against others to prove your worth in the mafia world..
2 1

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76[Details] The Hacker Project
A hacking game set in a future information era, your role is to infiltrate the mega-corporations and destroy them from within. Join Now.
2 2
77[Details] New Malice
The business world is ruthless. Let nothing get in your way as you steal, cheat, and even kill your way to the top.
2 4
78[Details] Mobster Gods
Excellent turn based Mafia MMORPG
2 6
79[Details] Mafia Classic
mafia turn based game with multiple cash prizes every round
2 3
80[Details] The Pokemon League
This web based Pokemon fan game is a new frontier in online Pokemon games. Your story is waiting to be told!
2 9
81[Details] Criminal Path
Best New Game! Choose one of 7 Occupations that dramatically effect game play! Master 16 Different Criminal Skills!
2 2
82[Details] Sea Powers
Sea Powers is a text-based game of WWII naval supremacy. Field armadas, manage an empire, and create alliances to dominate the world!
2 3
83[Details] Imperial Knight
Greatness is not in where we stand.
2 5
84[Details] Wanted-Racerz
Text Based Racing Game
2 4
85[Details] Gangsta
Take Over! Be A Gangsta! Gangsta is a free MMORPG and we invite everyone to join and enjoy a wonderful game, you will become addicted.
2 7
86[Details] City of Lost Heaven
Nederlands Origineel Mafia spel, 6000+ spelers, speel nu mee en vecht voor je familie..
1 3
87[Details] Gangstars RPG (free, much options)
Gangstars is an INTERNATIONAL gangstergame. Many players and FREE! Over 40.000 ACTIVE members! 3D fire-ing range & casino. JOIN NOW!
1 0
88[Details] BulletStar
Commit crimes, steal cars, rob banks, send your bitches to the red light district and make some cash.. Multiplayer Poker (Texas Hold'em) etc
1 1
89[Details] TerraWorld Online Reborn
Terraworld is a FREE, very large 2D, On-line Role-playing game. It is filled with never ending quests and a very active community!
1 4
90[Details] Megalomania
Megalomania is a free online text based strategy game and is completely browser based.
1 3
91[Details] Gal-Com Star Wars RPG
An exciting PBBG set in the Star Wars universe. Create a character and start your saga today!
1 2
92[Details] The Pentacore. The Lords of Edges.
Is an online strategic MMO browsergame with a world of 125.000 Wizards
1 4
93[Details] NightClubWars
FREE online rpg nightclub theme game,play direct through your browser.NO downloading/installing requierd.
1 5
94[Details] Be the DON
Be the DON is a FREE turn-based mafia game. You take up the role of a Mafioso and do everything it takes to dominate your city??
1 4
95[Details] Gaurdia Gaming
A free online MMORPG! Return to Gaurdia boasts weekly updates, player housing, Zelda-like game play, tons of events, and great people!
1 3
96[Details] Gangs of Arabia
Gangs of Arabia is a text-based MMO mafia game set in the Arab world. With unique features such as Territories, Suicide Bombing and more!
1 2
97[Details] .:Ny-Mafia:.
The most feature packed and constantly updated mafia game on the web.
1 0
98[Details] DeviantWar - New turn-based MMORPG!
DeviantWar is a new turn-based MMORPG or also called a PBBG! The gameplay is oldschool: Simpel, but Fun!
1 4
Free Racing Game Tune & Race Cars/Bikes. Tournaments, Races ,Videos Try It Today
1 3
100[Details] Ferion
Ferion is the best multiplayer turn-based strategy sim available on the web since 1999!
1 2
101[Details] Jamaica-Wars
Jamaica-Wars ist ein Browserspiel der ausgefallenen Art. Du startest als kleiner Kiffer mit einer Plantage und musst diese ausbauen.
1 5
102[Details] Street Racers
Race others, participate in tournaments, join clubs, buy and sell cars and parts, socialize! Gorgeous graphics, unlimited levels.
1 2
103[Details] Bloody City
Bloody City
1 4
104[Details] Football Star
Ever dreamt of wearing your favourite team's uniform and show what you're really worth on a football pitch?What are you waiting for?
1 4
105[Details] Jailhouse Life
Through yard trades, contraband smuggling and checking the other inmates you need to build your rep and cash.
1 1
106[Details] TWars
Become a leader of Roman Empire. Build your city, develop new technologies and Conquer the world! Empire need you! Join to us...
1 8
107[Details] Antique Empire
Roleplay and strategy in the antiquity at 300 B.C.
1 4
108[Details] Abandoned Realms
A perfectly balanced fantasy MUD. With a unique combat system and enforced roleplaying, you'll never be the same.
1 6
109[Details] L2 Elyon
Exp: x3 DropSP: x3 RateDrop: x3 Adena: x3 No lag Friendly GMs save enchant: 3 max enchant: 16
1 0
110[Details] Mafia Hitmen
Enter the Mobster world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. You can recruit killers armed with ak-47s to attack other mobsters.
1 2

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111[Details] War Crew
Welcome to War Crew!! This is a free massively multiplayer mafia game. War Crew is a browser based game
1 2
112[Details] Jade Dynasty - Free Private Server
Jade Dynasty - Free Private Server
1 2
113[Details] Lord Empires
New and Free Online Mass Multiplayer Role Playing browser game, based in the middle ages with a focus on teamwork and politics.
1 2
114[Details] Soon For Speed - Game Car
Soon For Speed, The Best Strategy Game Browser! (Car Speed) O SFS é um game de corridas de carros, em forma de RPG, com premiação.
1 4
115[Details] State of Crime
Community driven game, many say it's myspace with guns.
0 5
116[Details] Arcania Gaming
A popular old-school, @D online game, much like zelda graphics that involves fighting many beasts and leveling your skills.
0 6
in this game your build your city from scrath, attack ohters, make your own clan/alliance,and a lot the best
0 5
een gangster game
0 4
119[Details] Bordellobattles
Turn based mmorpg strategy game. Play the role of a pimp, attack other pimps to build the most profitable whore house. 18 and older only.
0 3
120[Details] Purescape
Purescape, #1 runescape private server!! exp rates 10x official, free to play, members skills, full iron/steel commands!
0 14
121[Details] The Mobster Life
In The Mobster Life you assume the role of an italian american immigrant trying to make a living in the mafia.
0 1
122[Details] The Crims
The Crims
0 3
123[Details] -�Imperial Conflict�-
Create a strong empire in this easy to master space strategy game. Your goal is to work together with other players to dominate the galaxy.
0 3
124[Details] Dark Visions
A vast MMORPG, lots of monsters to battle, lots of weapons and armor, and LOTS of updates!
0 5
125[Details] ThugLife
Free Online Mafia Role Play Game, Steal Cars, Do Crimes Make Money And Become The No 1
0 2

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126[Details] Gangstaz Online
We are back and better than ever!, , We now have a 24/7 Hotline with live operators just for extra help!!, Uk / USA / Europe
0 2
127[Details] Arcane Lands
FSO Game
0 3
128[Details] Silent-war
The best maffia game ever . give it a try
0 3
129[Details] Got Nation
Political - economic game where the player gets to run or ruin a nation.
0 2
130[Details] Detroit Mafia
A 21st Century Detroit Life Mafia Game Wondering the streets as a tramp to become Detroit's godfather
0 4
131[Details] Detroit Mafia
wondering the strees as a tramp trying to become detroits godfather !!!
0 1
132[Details] michael
myname michael
0 2
133[Details] Samurai War 2
Train to be a master samurai, capable of defeating any enemy in this multiplayer online game!
0 6
cool game
0 2
135[Details] HeroRPG
Become a hero of legend in this free web-based RPG! Master the way of the sword, become a thief, or harness the violent power of magic!
0 4
136[Details] RaGEZONE Legend of Mir 2
Legend of Mir 2 -- Rate x3 || Dedicated 100mbit server in europe , totally unique and hundreds of players
0 2
137[Details] The Legend Of Mir Project69
Free MMORPG based on an oriental style world. The Largest most popular of its kind. Over 60000 players in the database!
0 2
138[Details] KinslayerMUD
Conquer lands with your race, roleplay with friends, join a clan as you wander the lands shaped by the hands of Kinslayer.
0 2
139[Details] Arda
A sleepy world awakens to a time of war. Fight to defend the moon or advance an attack for darkness? Active RPG forum, play by post.
0 0
140[Details] ds-revolution
0 3
141[Details] Jakes Site
i dunno
0 3
142[Details] Galactic Outlaw
A true MMORTS. Open scenario player vs player strategy game. Is your best plan good enough? Can your fleet, world, and species prevail?
0 2
143[Details] Truepimpwars
A pimp on a quest to win real cash prizes!
0 2
144[Details] Stargate Online
Free to play Browser MMORPG based on the Stargate SG-1 TV Series
0 5
145[Details] Elite Avengers
Are you ready to defend yourself in a world of army soldiers and mafia thugs? Elite Avengers is a text-based MMORPG (browser only!).
0 1
146[Details] Endless Battles Online
Slay monsters and players to become the best of all the players
0 5
147[Details] uk-web-design
i can design mmorpg/mpog websitye and much much more check it out prices are cheap
0 3
148[Details] Diplomacy online by deNes
Online version of this classic boardgame
0 2
149[Details] Emperance
Come and check it out
0 2
150[Details] The Five Pillars
The Five Pillars is a strategic multiplayer game where you control a powerful mage with your own kingdom. Easy to learn and hard to master!
0 3

151[Details] Italian Vendetta
Italian Vendetta is a free online textbased mafia MMORPG. Work your way up by stealing, gambling, killing and playing with pride.
0 1
152[Details] Sunday League
Football mad
0 2
153[Details] **_��_Started on 27/03/07 is a nice Orpg with allot of New options ... The game is dutch and english ,you can win 100 Euro so what are you waiting for ?
0 5
154[Details] IndustryPlayer - The Business Simulation
Virtual Business - Real Success! Do you have what it takes to compete and succeed in this real-time business strategy game?
0 2
155[Details] Free Pc Games
Play Free Pc Games Online
0 3
voteing site
0 2
157[Details] Strive for Power
Online roleplaying game where you start out with a party of 5 characters. You can solve quests, find unique items, and more.
0 2
158[Details] Adventures Fame
Online adventure game where you control a single adventure in a quest for fame. 3 times a week you will participate in gladiator sports.
0 2
159[Details] GangWar
Web based close-ended strategy game where you control a gang in a city and fight other players for control of the city.
0 2
160[Details] -United- Team
Guides, files and chat about Mu Online
0 3

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